IGOR (Alternate)

by Tyler, The Creator

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What Runnin' Heaven Riding round town they gon' feel this one Got my eyes open He's coming Igor Yeah ho
For real, for real this time For real, for real, for real this time Bitch, I cannot fall short For real, for real, for real this time (yeah yeah) For real, for real, for real this time 'Cause you make my earth quake Oh, you make my earth quake Riding around, your love is shakin' me up and it's making my heart break Don't leave, it's my fault 'Cause when it all comes crashing down I'll need you We ain't gotta ball, D.Rose, huh Don't give a fuck 'bout nun', huh Beamin' like fuck my lungs, huh Just might call my lawyer, huh Plug gon' set me up, huh Bih, don't set me up, fuck that I'm with Tyler, yuh (slime) He ride like the car, huh And she wicked, huh, yuh Like Woah Vicky, huh, yeah (like Woah Vicky) Oh my God, hold up, um These diamonds not Tiffany, huh, yeah So in love So in love I don't want no confrontation, no You don't want my conversation I just need some confirmation on how you feel, for real You don't want no complication, no I don't want no sovereign nation I don't even know 'bout that 'cause I'm for real I said don't leave, it's my fault
I THINK 04:41
I don't know where I'm going But I know what I'm showing Feelings, that's what I'm pouring What the fuck is your motive? Man, I wish you would call me By your name 'cause I'm sorry This is not apology You are such a distraction That's what T on, aww You fuckin' up my ambiance, pause You drive me cuckoo and not, car 'Cause I want you like Leon Ware (Fuck that) okay, say, (Fuck that) okay, wait a minute I drip that shit, I am on While curiosity killed the feline, gone I think I'm falling in love This time I think it's for real How can I tell you? I notice that you're there And I'm always in your hair And you're always under my microscope Waste of bread I need your attention I'm off balance I need some fixing I'm your puppet you are Jim Henson Take it to the bridge
Compliments to smiles, or light to sun This feels natural, no substitute, not one Can't buy you the world, but my time is yours Let you roll the dice, but I made my choice Gassin', don't be gassin' (I've seen all your cars, ooh, we are) "Exactly what you run from, you end up chasing. Like, you can't avoid, but just chasing it and just like trying. Giving it everything that you can. There's always an obstacle-"
Running out of time Runnin' out of time to make you love me Oh, you spin my head around (Oh, you spin my head around) I been lookin' for it I been runnin' out of spells To make you love me I Wade in your water Your waves wash over me I drift to the deep end Don't save, don't save, don't save It's a low tide (I'll be fine) I found peace in drownin' Livin' in pretend Keep it a buck fifty, fuck Are you livin' in pretend? Take your mask off I need her out the picture (Wade in your water) Take your mask off (Yeah) Stop lyin' for these niggas Stop lyin' to yourself I know the real you Don't save, don't save, don't save Halloween ain't for a minute, lose the costume You need to chill, okay Been runnin' from the targets and 'em back in the day And now they working their all, another track out the DAW Actin' a fool, actin' a ball, we packin' the park, yeah But I'm still runnin' Out of time
Darling, darling, darling It's no need to worry It’s just a couple things (Just a couple things on my mind, ya know?) If it's you and other It's no need to worry (No need to worry) ’Cause I can sleep between I'm a third wheeler I'm a side-better I'm a homewrecker Give it up I'll keep it in your best interest I'll keep your best interest I was out here playing games You was out here with a lame one (I can play the side nigga role easy, but not for too long) I’m the-I'm the-I'm the-I'm the side nigga I gotta sneak around and hide with you I wanna see you, give me five minutes Paparazzi probably got like five pictures (Click-click-click-click) I won’t tell anybody, it's our secret Top-top-top-top of the morning like yeehaw I took my shot, this is b-ball, nigga The team you play for is see-saw So I know that it's fake when I see y'all Don't wanna fuck what you got up I would never blow your spot up I know my place, I'm the landlord I'll carry the weight 'til my hands sore (We can't keep doing this)
"Sometimes you gotta close a door to open a window" I saw a photo, you looked joyous My eyes are green, I eat my veggies I need to get her out the picture She's really fuckin' up my frame She's not developed like we are Like magic, gone New magic, wand My brother said I'm on the spectrum Don't call me selfish, I hate sharin' This 60-40 isn't workin' I want a hundred of your time, you're mine Please don't leave me now Don't leave! I can make her leave I wanna be found, passenger in your car You wanna be mean, mixed signals, don't park She's gonna be dead, I just got a magic wand We can finally be together You roll the dice, hit a seven, sure you right Beginner's luck, you not my first, who gives a fuck? Your other one evaporate, we celebrate You under oath, now pick a side and if you don't I'll pick you both It's not a joke Murder she wrote Ayo, take one look in the mirror, implications so clear I live life with no fear, except for the idea That one day you won't be here I will not fetch the ball Eyes are green, I eat my vegetables It has nothin' to do with that broad But if it did, guarantee she'd be gone, well I got a plan, 'bout to walk in the pen If you can't understand, I'm a hawk in the gym Eyes on the prize, got weight on my chest That I need to get off, or I ain't talkin' to them Can't be in the picture if it got no frame Gon' let the world know 'cause I ain't got no shame Blow the whole spot up, 'cause I ain't– I wanna share last names, I wanna be your number one Not the other one, keep it on the low I'm in my right mind, keep it on a high Janis Joplin spillin' feelings, now I'm out here moppin' 'em Four on the floor, pack up your bags, we hit the store Grab our supplies, no need for masks, bust through the door Get the job done like retirement, I admit you look concerned New magic wand
Don't, don't shoot me down You so motherfuckin' dangerous You so motherfuckin' dangerous You got me by my neck (A boy is a gun) That's why these other niggas lame to us 'Cause all these other niggas lame as fuck We show 'em no respect (You started with a mere hello) When the time's right A boy is a gun (Turn me up a little bit) Take your hoodie off, why you hide your face from me? Make your fuckin' mind up, I am sick of waitin' patiently How come you're the best to me? I know you're the worst for me Boy, you're sweet as sugar, diabetic to the first degree My spidey sensies got me on the fencies Whole squad in Ginza, travel bag by Balenci' Big dawg hittin' big wheelies on the six speed Oh, you passive-aggressive? Oh, you fakin' you're mad? (You started with a mere hello) Oh, you wanna go home? Cool, you better call you a cab I ain't takin' you home, yeah, I'm brushin' you off 'Cause this parka is Comme, you're my favorite garçon Don't leave, stay right here, yeah, I want you right near (You started with a mere hello) You invited me to breakfast, why the fuck your ex here? Well, let's see if you 'round a god around this time next year You so motherfuckin' dangerous (You started with a mere hello) You so motherfuckin' dangerous You got me by my neck (A boy is a gun) That's why I start to think it's lame as fuck (Well, I'm here for you) You're a gun 'cause I like you on my side at all times You keep me safe Wait, wait, depending on, you know You could be dangerous to me Or anyone else Look, they be bringin' us up Yeah, like now and again Give a fuck what they talkin' 'bout, I see you as a 10 I'ma leave it at that, I'ma leave us as friends 'Cause the irony is I don't wanna see you again Stay the fuck away from me I ain't gon' repeat myself, but stay the fuck away from me
PUPPET 03:34
Ayo I wanna talk, I wanna call you and talk I wanna walk to your front door and knock After I start my vehicle Drive to your city 'cause we live an hour apart Land at your driveway and put it in park Then do the third line of this verse Then back to my house and we pack up our bikes And we ride through the park, chase the sun God, that's all I want, other than air Oxygen and financial freedom, yeah I want your company, I need your company I want you to want from me I can't maneuver without you next to me It's so complex to me What do you need? Do you need bread? Do you need this? Do you need a hug? Do you need to be alone? I could wrap this up and get the fuck away instead What is your wish? It can be granted You're number one, one on my list, see, I am Santa Where is Rudolph? You're parasitic I do not have self-control I am startin' to wonder Is this my free will or yours? I'm your puppet, you control me I'm your puppet, I don't know me (Did I wait too long?) I'm lonely I don't know You lost, son, and you've been tryna find your way to me Ayy, to me, he's on somethin' that I hate to see A to Z, nah son, I'm gonna take a breathe Run a 'thon, I just stop and I'ma take the breathe First, light the weed Breathe on a song (Got me by a string) (Oh, Lord) (Cut me loose) "But at some point, you come to your senses"
What's good, nigga? Turn my lights on How the fuck you quiet with the mic on? I don't get anxiety, you Sam Bowie-ass niggas I just get my Mike on Y'all said I wouldn't go nowhere, I took the detour When you see the someone in the crack right by the seashore? When you see them brand new le Fleurs on the floor? If the cops ask my name, bitch, I'm Igor Let's go, let's go, I ain't playin' around Red nose, red nose, all you niggas is clowns Niggas turning it up, well, shit, I'm tearing it down Hard to believe in God when there ain't no mirrors around What's up? Running 'til the rims fall Had them niggas and the cops looking jigsaw I done fucked around and turned into the big dog Better get God, get caught? Bitch, I think not Yeah, new suit, new boots, same nigga, like what? Lukewarm-ass niggas always wanna talk I'm hot, I'm heat to the core like Earth Don't touch, don't go, niggas might get buck Yo, yuh, ayo Yeah, yeah Let's go, let's go, I ain't playin' around Red nose, red nose, all you niggas is clowns Niggas turning it up, well, shit, I'm tearing it down Hard to believe in God when there ain't no mirrors around What's up? I see the light Dracula, Dracula, Dracula Suck me first, I might get back at ya Is that shit clear? Check the aperture Hahahahaha, I can't laugh at ya This the shit that make you nervous 'Bout to go buck wild, nigga, Steve Irwin Sick of that 'Claren talk, I'm on my third one Niggas talkin' reckless, I never heard 'em (Buck, don't touch, though, my niggas might get buck, don't touch, though) That car crash couldn't take me Green haired angels all around me No answer why, no tears to cry, bitch, I'm alive I SEE THE LIGHT That wasn't my endpoint like v-neck I ain't have nobody to cheat on, I cheat death New album, no repeat, I reset Everything I deliver special like G. Dep Two of 'em, I total, Kima, Pam Me and death, the universe played middle man Quick nap, kick back like horse, eyes shut Loud sound, no scratch Motherfuckers really thought I died Hoping they could take a spot Nigga not knowing that I'm one of one And they some Helen Keller-ass niggas And I got my eyes open now I see the... "I don't know what's harder, letting go or just being okay with it"
[Gone, Gone] Comparing scars before dinner Jump off the roof into the mirror Felt like summer to my December Was it my August? Shit, I don't remember (Two, three, go) I know my temperature was set You finally flew south The bird gon' leave the nest, you're so chromatic At least I had it (Uh) Instead of never Or maybe I'm too dramatic (Two, three, go) Whether it's rain or shine, I know I'm fine for now My love's gone, my love's gone, oh gone Or maybe it's just a dream that I can't seem to wake up from My love's gone, my love's gone, oh gone Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone I know love is, is all I got I just hope to God she got good taste Could put you on some shit you never seen Could play a couple songs that you could dance to I hope you know she can't compete with me You kept me goin', the Band-Aid is falling off now Going, and now I'm scarred for life My love is gone Ayo, it's poison in that gumbo Emotion, feel Dumbo Ask me where my love go That bitch walked outside the front door Knock, knock, knock, knock I'm not shocked, I brought this on me It's my fault, you gon' leave Lesson taught, see, The weatherman told me it wasn't rainin' My stupid ass brought umbrellas I got a glimpse of your cloud and felt better Now it's 90 degrees, and all the tricks up my sleeve Is drenched in sweat and delusion because I jet to conclusions You got your thing, I got nothing but memories I know your secrets, nigga (Yeah) I'm not bitter or nothing, I understand that Everybody making a choice according to plan and We had two different blueprints, but understood influence You opened up early on, I thought I had a permit You started buildin' a bridge and turned it into a fence Then my buildin' got tore down all because of your new tenant I'll just buy up some new shit, never down with a lease You never lived in your truth, I'm just happy I lived in it But I finally found peace, so peace (Want me do it over?) (Everything) [Thank You] Thank you for your love Thank you for the heart There'll never be a long and lonely night again Thank you for your love Thank you for the heart Girl, please don't ever let me be alone again "I hate wasted potential, that shit crushes your spirit It really does, it crushes your soul" Thank you for the love Thank you for the joy But I don't ever wanna fall in love again Thank you for the time Thank you for your mind But I don't ever wanna fall in love again (Got my eye) I said go, oh Again, again And in your younger days Girl, you hid your heart away Those were the hungry days Waiting for someone to say Those tender words that never came Fragile nights of wishing on a star
See, um, heavy feelings for you, yeah, yeah, it's no secret You too cool for me and I ain't tryna freeze up Like the Johnsons, nonsense, I would speak up And realize there's more fish in the sea, I'ma re-up Like, bitch, I know my shit is bumping, it's eczema So I won't walk around with my head down like I got beat up Um, you do you, I'll do me, I’ll just chuck the peace up I ain't tryna keep up, because I don't love you anymore You wasted my time and I know that these things are not hard 'Cause I don't love you anymore ('Cause I don't love like I used to) Where did time go, I need location ('Cause you don't wanna talk about it, baby) That's all that I know, I, I, I, I Where did time go? But now, movin' on, but how? Uh, somethin' put my feelings in the lost and found Now I'm stuck forever, and ever, and ever And ever, and ever, and ever And ever, and ever Forever, and ever, and ever I don't love you no more Tell me where to go Can I have my heart back? (Heart back) But this just might be better for us, you kn-
Make it last forever Make it, last forever Make it, make it Woah Dream Just dream Long ago, long ago, long ago Are we still friends? Can we be friends? Are we still friends? I've got to kno– Know If we can still see each other Shake your hand, say hi Long ago, long ago, long ago I can't stop you, I can't rock too I've been back there and I can not die too But I've got to know Are we still friends? Can we be friends? Don't get green skin, keep contact Don't say, "Goodbye, smell you later" Nah, I can't I don't want to end this season on a bad episode, nigga, nah Bouncing off things and you don't know how you fall Your power is drained, so you cannot go through walls You're caught in this matrix, don't know where you play it You hate it, it could be your favorite if you make it your friend Can't say goodbye Goodbye
"Hello, no one is available to take your call." "Please leave a message after the tone." I’ve never had the courage to tell you I adore you I did it in a song, I was too afraid to call you I know, I know, I'm sorry, I know I'm annoyin' I just want your attention Ever since I saw you, knew nothin' was important Your gravity is too strong and it's fuckin' up my orbit Contact avoided by the time I record this I just want you to listen Everytime I see you, yeah, you brighten up my day You're the cashmere to my cotton and I wished you felt the same More options in the alphabet, I know I'll be okay-kay-kay No, I won't... 'Cause it's them rose tinted cheeks It's them rose tinted cheeks And it's them rose tinted cheeks It's them rose tinted cheeks They Black Flag we AF We BF as AF But they won't get that That's that 20 Century Women reference You so hard to get like intricate metaphors Companies? I own four But all I want is yours Hit the 'plex and catch a band Sushi spot I recommend Float around hittin' wheelies Leg or engine-based, it all depends Either one is cool to me And you're way too cool for me I'ma freeze to death tryna keep up Thirsty I am, I may need three cups, what's up? Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact, yeah Speedin' down the 5 in my newest ride You was kinda high, speakers mild high Track 10 track 10, dirt bike afternoons As long as pale skin's near, I didn't have to leave the room Switch gears Roamed around fell in love (fell in love) Broke my leg, got stuck, what the fuck? Hit my head, wait, I wish you would fall in too, I said I wish you would fall in and snap them legs Cause I'ma be stuck here until I'm dead and gone


IGOR, new and improved.

Every song is remastered to feature less slightly less abrasive sound and cleaner vocals.
Almost every song features a new intro and/or outro by 2nd Ward and Pure Catharsis (or me).
All lyrics sheets and some very nice fanart and photos included.
Proper credit to song features (ex. "ft. Santigold, Kanye West, etc.")


released September 25, 2019

"IGOR" Written, Produced, and Arranged by Tyler Okonma

Purchase "IGOR" here: music.apple.com/us/album/igor/1463409338

Remastered and edited by MixAndMash

Album Artwork by Demuny101

Tracks 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 (part 1), and 12 by 2nd Ward

"THANK YOU", "PUPPET", and "ROSE TINTED CHEEKS" Alternative Intro and Outro inspired by the works of 2nd Ward, created by MixAndMash

"I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE" and "EARFQUAKE" Intro/outro arrangements by Pure Catharsis and Tyler Okonma, edited by MixAndMash

"A BOY IS A GUN*" Alternative intro created by Tyler Okonma


all rights reserved



MixAndMash Brooklyn, New York

pop and edits, made by me, for free.

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